About this website

This site runs ikiwiki. It’s a mess: it’s my blog, it’s a wiki, it’s stuff put together. Feel free to explore.

A copy of the source code of this site is available on Github.

Comment policy

Please keep the comments on-topic. I reserve the right to hide the content of your comment in my own discretion. Feel free to send me replies from other corners of the Web, I will happily link to them.

This website should also support webmentions thanks to the hosted webmention endpoint. Have a look at brid.gy if you want to send webmentions from Twitter, Facebook or other silos.

Also, note that IP addresses of comment posters will be registered and published through commit logs. If you do not wish to disclose your IP address through this, then contact me and I’ll post the comment for you.

At last, by commenting, you contribute to the blog and thus your comment is governed by the same license as the article to which you comment.