Looking forward to the Mozilla Festival!

I just had a good day ☺

The results of the first part of the bar exam were announced earlier today. I passed! So I’ve got no more excuses now: I’ve got to work to pass the second part (oral exams). Of course, that’s kind of a relief because with these kinds of exams you’re never really sure if you succeeded.

To make things even better today, it looks like Kolab on Debian is going to get some love from the Free Software community!

As far as I’m concerned, this is all great news. It is a bit sad that I was too impatient and already went for CentOS to try Kolab. But at least now, I know I can recommend Kolab to my friends who use Debian: the community is here to help! I’ll have to find a way to contribute personally though ☺

Oh and BTW, I’m now in London until Monday. Mozilla invited me to run a session at the Mozilla festival on “Fighting the biggest lie on the Web” (I agree to the terms of service!)

I am really looking forward to this. Mozilla is one of the most important organisation building the technologies that empower people! I don’t even want to think about what the web would look like today without the work they have done (including a lot of volunteers and a very open way). I can’t wait to feel the atmosphere of the festival!

So if you’re in London too, even if you’re not attending #MozFest (I have read the event is already full!) do not hesitate to get in touch. Tomorrow I’ll try to meet with my friend Andreas who’s been a volunteer with the Free Software Foundation Europe for a long time, and who’s moving in London. I’ll also try to catch up with Mark Lizar who’s one of the core persons behind Open Notice, the place where projects related to ToS and privacy policies collaborate.

Exciting week-end ahead!