Kolab server

Since March 2014, the kolab server is a debian machine. Trying out CentOS was interesting, but now that the debian packages are good, I went back to debian, which I know better.

Tip: enable external email addresses

Kolab 3.3 on Debian bugs

Syncing: ActiveSync and DAV

I found that ActiveSync did not work very reliably for me. So I switched to using DAV with DAVDroid on Android. It’s less buggy.

For me right now the main problem is that I can’t sync with Emacs’ org-caldav.

To connect with Nautilus, you need to connect to davs://kolab.example.org/iRony/index.php.

Postfix and SMTP

For Kolab 3.3 first install attempt, I did not select a configuration for postfix, and during setup-kolab, I entered the FQDN instead of the primary domain name. I ended up with a weird SMTP error 454.

So I retried, this time selecting postfix's default configuration (something like “Internet site”) and using the primary domain (the default option) instead of the FQDN during the setup-kolab.