title: "ToS;DR: Behind the scenes" author: Hugo Roy date: | 2014-11-05

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How does ToS;DR work?


Step 1

Somebody reads the terms and shares what s/he finds out with the community.

(Right now, by sending an email to but we're making a web interface to replace that:

A “point” is data describing one particular aspect of terms of service. All terms of service reviews are broken down into several points, so we can discuss each point.

ToS;DR Points

Step 2

The community discusses the review publicly.

(Right now, on the mailing list, but we're working on a web interface to replace that:

Step 3

A moderator checks the discussion and moves the data to the website, once the point is mature enough.

Each point has:

  • Title
  • Good / Neutral / Bad / Blocker
  • a “TL;DR” (a plain-English summary)
  • a topic
  • a score from 0 to 100

Step 4

Once a service has enough data points, it gets a Class.

ToS;DR classes

Points' score

The more a point has a big score, the more weight it has on the overall class of a service.

(Neutral points don't influence the class).

Compare classes


Submit Point

Pending Points

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