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I’m Hugo Roy.

I am involved in the launch of Data Rights an NGO for advancing users’, orgs’ and communities’ rights to their data. As Vice-President of FDN (France’s oldest Internet access provider), I co-started the Exégètes Amateurs (a digital rights litigation group). I also cofounded Terms of Service; Didn’t Read and am a former board member of the Free Software Foundation Europe. Zappa-ist.

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Looking for legal advice? I work as an attorney in Paris (but this is my personal space).
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Articles on personal projects

European Court of Justice rulings on mass surveillance

After 5+ years of work, and an intense 2-day hearing in Luxembourg, the CJUE puts a halt to the rationale of mass surveillance behind France’s surveillance laws. This article explains why (in French).

Données de connexion : pourquoi la justice européenne met un coup de frein au stockage généralisé

Also see: Privacy International’s press release and Data Rights’ statement

The story behind ToS;DR

In 2012, I took a few months off studies to dedicate myself full time to launching ToS;DR. This article gets back to (part of) the story behind it, and to promote some of the recent work and challenges ahead for the current team.

Welcome to the Wikipedia for Terms of Service Agreements

On launching three non-profit organisations to challenge France’s surveillance system in courts

In late 2014, I embarked on a strange, long and tedious journey in the fight for the rule of law against mass surveillance in France.

Surveillance: les «exégètes amateurs» construisent une guérilla juridique

About the time I accidentally got in the middle of a fight between Steve Jobs and Google

I was 20 and working as an intern at fsfe, and I published an open letter to Steve Jobs. Surprisingly, he responded to me by email, threatening of lawsuits against open source video technologies. Spoiler: these lawsuits never happened.

Google’s Open Source Video Codec Just Started Another Battle With Apple

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