zappa and his cat

Frank Zappa used to say that he viewed some of his work as journalism: reporting what he saw around him in society. Thus, if historians from the future want to learn more about our society, looking at rock songs might be a good start.

Well, now we have the web, and with blogging, we’ve got way better materials for historians in the future. Although, as usual, the biggest challenge here is that most of the links from 2001 blogging don’t work any more. Most of the time, professional editors and big companies are usually better in keeping their URI cool.

All I ask you to do today is go back to 2001 -- a big moment in the history of blogging. The archive page is in reverse-chronologic order, so you might want to start at the bottom and scroll up. #

That's the kind of flow I am going to have again. I've been blogging in this form, off on the side, since March 2. To me it isn't theoretical that it will work, I already know it will. #