Sometimes, you want to get numbered paragraphs throughout a document.

I'm looking for a way to achieve this with pandoc, in a way that I can write once, and publish in several formats.

I added this in pandoc's LaTeX template:

%% numerate paragraphs with a label

That way, I can write

\para{shortId} A paragraph...

and later in the document, I can refer to that paragraph\vref{shortId}

That's good, but it only works in LaTeX. I'd like to write something similar in a Markdown document and be able to also produce HTML, or even ODT or OOXML.

I'll experiment a bit, but if you have ideas of your own... tell me :-)

TODO: allow to write \para without any value and assign it a predictable \label... for instance the first letter of the first five words of the paragraph.