Installing kolab, part 3

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So the problem related to a former installation of “sldap”. So now I purged everything and tried running setup-kolab again. It seems now to be fine. Except that I can’t send emails, getting SMTP error 454 in roundcube.

But again, I found it was incredibly hard to set up kolab for self-hosting amateurs. On the one hand, I wished they could get some inspiration from YunoHost, on the other hand, Kolab has been there for so long that it’s very professional.

Let’s see how it goes…

My experiences

I also had problems with setup-kolab, and the suggestion was made that I should try a completely "fresh" installation of Debian to avoid contention with existing services. When I did that, the setup seemed to more or less work. My conclusion was that setup-kolab could be a bit more fault-tolerant and aware of existing (potentially compatible or incompatible) services.

I wrote about my experiences here:

Generally, you have to watch the Kolab logs to see if some component is repeatedly failing. In my case, the IMAP server needed resetting to stop such failures and for things to work.

Comment by Paul Boddie
SMTP Issues
Yes, it needs to be on a fresh debian (in my case, wheezy). But it’s not enough to get it to work it seems. I’m now having issues with SMTP (error 454, authentication problem). Anyway the current documentation is incomplete and I’ve read they’re moving it to another, simpler system. I hope it will improve things!
Comment by hugo