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So, after about 4 tries on Debian, I decided to give Kolab a try on CentOS, the community derivative of Red Hat Entreprise Linux. Fortunately, I was not completely lost here, it seems I kept some habits from when I was using Fedora.

A few hints, if you want to install CentOS 6.

  • Finding the download link is not easy from the project's home page. Go to the wiki.
  • If you do a netinstall, make sure to use reliable sources
  • if you try with the Live CD/DVD, make sure that your hard drive is encrypted using a QWERTY-layout-friendly pass phrase…

After CentOS was set up, I just followed the not-yet-official docs at kolab: http://hosted.kolabsys.com/~vanmeeuwen/build/html/installation-guide/. Everything went smoothly this time. And within a few minutes, I was running Kolab.

So far, the only issue I've got was that I could not get an email delivered to a @gmail.com address, Google decided that I did not meet their standards. It seems the problem is that the IP address has changed and thus Google does not like that… I hope it will resolve in the future, there's nothing wrong with moving servers around and pointing the domain to a new IP address after all!